A Message from Founder & President

Throughout the history of human development, innovation has always been an important force pushing forward the development of a country and a nation, as well as the entire world and human society. In the final analysis, the competition of comprehensive national strength is innovative competition. It is necessary to deeply implement the innovation-driven development strategy, promote technological innovation, industrial innovation, enterprise innovation, product innovation, management innovation, social innovation, etc., and accelerate the formation of an economic system, industrial chain, and development model that is mainly led and supported by innovation.


Throughout the history of the world, the rise of a nation-state is often inseparable from the rise of its national spirit and the revival of national culture. In modern society, a country's prosperity is often closely related to a country's innovative consciousness. 


Although the Epidemic has had a profound impact on the world economy, the global governance system, the international political landscape, and global higher education. However, from a historical, dialectical and systematic perspective, the interdependence of human survival still exists, the basic development elements of maintaining the global economy, global governance and the belief in maintaining world peace, human dignity and equality will not be swayed by the virus.


The current epidemic has changed the world. The world is in chaos. The spread of the coronavirus and other plagues worldwide, the abuse and destruction of terrorists around the world, and the impact of climate change affect the world. These are the common enemies of mankind all over the world. They do not need a "passport" and wantonly bring disaster to mankind. These bring unpredictable variables to global governance and threaten world peace.


Where will the world go in the post-epidemic era?


The peaceful development of mankind is an inevitable trend of world development. The world is advancing at great pace, and peaceful development has become the mainstream and trend of the world. History has proven that technological innovation and social innovation complement each other. The two have become the driving force of a country’s development and the soul of a nation’s prosperity.


Here at CAC, our team focuses on the delivery of CAMOT International Conference (annually), the delivery of Innovation Forum of UNNGO Peaceever TV as well as the research and consultancy on: innovation management and strategy, strategic management, leadership development, technology management and strategy, science and technology innovation, technology and knowledge transfer, technology foresight.



We look forward to having collaboration from those who share a great vision with us on innovation, and partners, innovators, entrepreneurs, enterprises, universities, government agencies, research institutes, think tanks and other cooperative organizations and sponsors from all over the world.


If you are interested, please contact us. Please read our website for contact details.


Professor Richard Li-Hua

Founder and President