CAMOT Organization & People 

Honorary President 

Professor Huijiong Wang

Founder and President

Professor Richard Li-Hua

General Conference Chairs

Professor Michael Badawy

Dr Lucy LU

Dr Scott XIE(Nominee)

Vice President 

Professor Jin Chen, currently at Tsinghua University, China

Professor Xudong Gao, currently at Tsinghua University, China

Professor Yan XU, currently at HK University of Science and Technology

Professor Domique Jolly, currently at Walker School of Business and

Technology, Webster University, Geneva

Professor Michael Badawy, Viginia Tech University, USA

Professor Paul Iles, Retired

Professor Yongjiang Shi, currently at Cambridge University, UK

Professor Shawn Carraher, currently at University of Texas at Dallas, USA

Dr Thorben Hanel, Germany (Nominee)

Dr Abdul Abdulalhaken, Middle East (Nominee)

Dr Tony Koo, Hong Kong, China (Nominee)

Dr Bill Johnson, USA (Nominee)

Secretary General

Dr Scott XIE, Canada (Nominee)

Speakers and Strategic Advisors 

Professor Alan Macfarlan, currently at Cambridge University, UK

Professor Lan XUE, currently Dean of School of Public Administration,Tsinghua University

Professor Guisheng WU, Former Director of Research Centre for Technological Innovation, Tsinghua University

Professor Elli Aaltonen, Former Governor of East Province of Finland

Professor Alan Wildman, currently President and Vice Chancellor, Windsor University, Canada

Professor Alan Conway, Former Dean of Odett School of Business, Windsor University, Canada

Professor Anoud De Meyer, Former President of Singapore Management University, Singapore

Professor Michael Cusumano, currently Deputy Dean, Sloan School of Management at MIT, USA

Professor David Lamond, Former PVC, Victoria University, Australia

Professor Tony Dickson, Former Deputy Vice Chancellor, Northumbria University, UK

Professor Jin HUANG, currently President of Chinese University of Political Science and Law, Beijing, China

Professor Guijun LIN, Former Vice President of University of International Business and Economics, China

Professor Fanghua WANG, Former Dean of Antai School of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Professor Georges Haour, currently at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland

Professor Tarek M. Khalil, Former President of International Association

for Management of Technology, and currently the President of Nile University, Egypt

Professor Donald Birx, currently the President of Plymouth State University, USA

Professor Craig Mahoney, currently Vice Chancellor of University of West of Scotland, UK

Professor Genhong KONG, Former Executive President of Outlook China

Professor Maurits Van Rooijen, currently the Chief Academic (President) Global University System, UK

Professor Yinshan Tang, currently Vice Dean of Henley Business School, Reading University, UK

Friend and Partner

Ramu Damodaran, Chief of United Nations Academic Impact

Eddie Coope, Former Mayor of Bournemouth, UK

Distinguished Speakers

Gerard Sutcliffe, Former MP

Conor Burn, MP, UK

Tobias Ellwood, MP, UK

Jeff Mostyn, Chairman of AFC Bournemouth, UK

Jeremy Lefroy, MP, UK